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You know that feeling when you put on a certain outfit and you feel like a million dollars? It infuses you with confidence and swag. You feel ready to totally rock your day (or night)…  This is exactly what I’m getting into with today’s guest, Personal Stylist, Caitlin Taylor. We talk about how you can […]

Dressing for confidence with Caitlin Taylor


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Is your message helping or hindering you? In today’s episode I share 5 tell-tale signs that it might be time for a message makeover. Your message is fundamental to business growth – it’s a must have not a nice to have. So regularly assessing whether your message is helping you to achieve the goals and […]

5 Tell Tale Signs Your Message Needs A Makeover


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How do you feel about your current brand message? Does it feel more mediocre than momentous? Or maybe you don’t yet have a message that you’re truly happy with? If either of these are the case, listen in to this weeks quick episode to find out what a momentous message actually is, and what the […]

Unearth Your Momentous Message


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If you’re ready to create a brand that attracts people who love everything you bring to the table, who put you on their vision board, and who are excited as hell to work with you, this is the episode for you! Join bold business and mindset coach, Suz Chadwick, and me as Suz shares how […]

How to create magnetic magic in your business with Suz Chadwick


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Your message matters. Like really, really, matters. It can be the difference between feeling like it’s a real slog to attract any clients at all vs. attracting the kind of clients you’re head over heels excited to work with. In this week’s episode, I share 3 brand messaging blocks that will hold you back when […]

3 brand messaging blocks that stop us attracting dream clients



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