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You know that feeling when you put on a certain outfit and you feel like a million dollars? It infuses you with confidence and swag. You feel ready to totally rock your day (or night)…  This is exactly what I’m getting into with today’s guest, Personal Stylist, Caitlin Taylor. We talk about how you can […]

Dressing for confidence with Caitlin Taylor


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Is your message helping or hindering you? In today’s episode I share 5 tell-tale signs that it might be time for a message makeover. Your message is fundamental to business growth – it’s a must have not a nice to have. So regularly assessing whether your message is helping you to achieve the goals and […]

5 Tell Tale Signs Your Message Needs A Makeover


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Does marketing feel a tad overwhelming? A bit like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks?  If so, this episode dives into how you can use marketing strategy to form a genuine connection with your audience, without needing to follow all the trends, be on all the platforms, or do ALL the […]

Marketing in a genuine and sustainable way


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Have you ever felt kinda icky when creating a sales funnel? Following all the “rules” for what’s regarded as a successful, high converting sales funnel, but not feeling totally aligned or comfortable doing it that way? The good news is you don’t have to follow the “rulebook.” You get to create a sales funnel that […]

Building your soulful sales funnel with Mel Daniels

The power of brand clarity in business - Fierce Impact podcast


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In this episode of the Fierce Impact podcast, I talk about why getting clarity on your brand foundations can really help your business to thrive.  If your brand feels a little murky or a little bit off-kilter it might be because you don’t have complete brand clarity. Listen in to hear: Why brand clarity really matters. […]

The Power of Brand Clarity in Business



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