From Unknown to Unforgettable



introvert-friendly ways to  build  a  memorable  personal  brand.


Why you'll benefit from intentionally cultivating a memorable personal brand.

Why adding more to the mix (more services, more ideal clients, more messages) will make you LESS memorable.

What you can learn from TV ads to improve your messaging.

How to wear your brand to increase brand recognition and recall.

How to use repetition to make your ideas stick. 

How to think outside the box when it comes to your brand photos.

Why infusing 'feelings' into your brand is beneficial.

And more! 

THERE'S A SH*T-TON OF BUSINESS ADVICE ONLINE ABOUT how-to build a personal brand that stands out.

When you read From Unknown to Unforgettable you'll get introvert-friendly ideas to build a strong and memorable personal brand:

But for many of us, that advice doesn't cut the mustard. 

Because all too often, it's written with extroverts in mind. 

Which is great for extroverts. But not so great for introverts, or shy, quiet souls whose worst nightmare is dancing on Reels (are we done with that yet??!), showing up daily on video, attending networking events, and spending endless hours marketing in a way that doesn't feel great to them and saps their energy.


Personal brand and messaging coach for introverts, ferocious ice cream eater, and leopard print lover.

With an unwavering belief that a powerful personal brand and an unmistakable message will make you FIERCELY UNSTOPPABLE in business.

Regardless of how introverted or shy you are.

Because when you build a personal brand from the inside-out and you feel so truly aligned with it, it fills you with an invigorating energy. An energy that comes from knowing you're standing in your unique power.

It fills you with HUGE clarity, conviction, confidence, and courage to show up in a whole new (but comfortable for you) way so you can become a fiercely influential force in your market place.

Oh hey! If we haven't met before, I'm Hayley...