With email copywriting that builds your know, like, and trust factor.

Nurture your pride 

Hurrah! Someone just snapped up your free resource and joined your email community. 

What should happen to your new email member next?

Should they:

A) Drop into a dark lonely abyss until you’re ready to sell to them?

B) Receive a heartfelt welcome and 5⭐ treatment while you show them around your online digs?


If you answered A. We need to talk. Pronto.

If you answered B, but:

Your email sequence has been lingering at the bottom of your
to-do list for longer than you can remember.

You’ve got an email sequence but it’s not getting the results you want…

Then, my friend, we also need to talk. 

Ready for your answer?

Totally and utterly gets where they’re at.

Makes them feel safe and secure.

Demonstrates they know their stuff.

Has a vibe they totally jam with.

Can solve their problem or help them figure out what the heck their problem is.

They’ll keep looking until they find someone who:

Because the first 24-48 hours after someone joins your email list is the time when you are MOST desirable to them.

It’s when your new subscriber is actively looking for you in their inbox.

It's your greatest chance to win their heart and mind.

Grab it with both hands and start building a strong relationship with the people who need YOUR HELP.

Don't let this moment pass by in a void of nothingness. Because you will miss out. 


A nurture sequence is an essential part of your prospective client journey.

If you don’t have an email sequence to welcome them into your fold, or you threw it together without much thought, then you’re most certainly waving goodbye to opportunities.

Here's the thing...

^^That’s who you want to be.

Your dream client will disappear quicker than a triple scoop ice cream that’s found its way into my hot little hands.

I'm here to help you sashay your way into your readers’ hearts and minds with an email sequence that deepens trust and position you as the unforgettable authority in your niche. 

We'll take them on a pleasurable journey, encourage meaningful conversations, showcase your brand, and deepen likability.

So that when the time comes that they need help for the problem you solve, you are the very first (and only person) they want to work with.

Email sequences start at $2200.

The good news is...



She touched base at every stage to make sure I was kept in the loop and that she had my 'voice' right. She took the time to understand exactly what I do and who I help and crafted some amazing emails that have really helped my client relations and boosted my interactions and sales.

I knew writing copy and email marketing was NOT my forte, working with Hayley meant I could focus on serving my clients while she worked her magic!

I couldn't recommend working with her enough. She really helped move me forward."

"Working with Hayley was so easy! 


I initially reached out to Hayley because I LOVED how connected I felt to her work after reviewing her website.

When we had our initial consultation, it was very clear that Hayley was a knowledgeable copywriter who would be able to capture exactly what it is I was trying to accomplish through an email funnel.

I was so pleased with not only how communicative Hayley was throughout our work together, but also at the quality of the work. She clearly took the time to research my voice and it was apparent in her work.

Working with Hayley is a no-brainer!!! Look no further. She knows what she's doing and is as heart-centered as it gets!

"I set up the email funnel about 2 weeks ago and have already signed a $10k 1:1 coaching client from it!"


She is professional, efficient and a very talented writer. She managed to make sense of my broad brief and waffle and produce a fantastic email sequence and landing page copy in a very timely manner. I can't recommend Hayley enough. 

"Hayley is amazing!

kind words


Are you ready to give your email community the 5 star treatment?

Start a meaningful relationship with the people you really want to help from the moment they join your email community.



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